Thank you for being here and wanting to know more about me.

My name is Daniela May and I’m originally from Romania but emigrated to Australia 21 years ago to be with my wonderful Aussie man.

I only started making cards a year ago when one of my friends invited me to a workshop, and I’m afraid that like many others who are writing their stories on blogs, I was pretty much hooked.

Like every beginner I spent countless hours watching every single YouTube video and read lots of blog posts and discovered a unique world of card makers and a community that speak a language that appealed to me.  Every single person I came across was kind, encouraging and complimentary.  I made friends from places I’ve never been…

I did dabble in other crafts in the past and love being creative.  I will share some of my other creative work on this blog as well.

This is me sharing a bit of my journey and posting the cards I create, techniques and things I learned and still learning…

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